It’s been a while since we last updated our web site, so in conjunction with our re-release of “Devil” we decided to give the entire web site a facelift. The site has been developed and designed by PlayDesign.

Stay tuned for tour-updates and videos etc!

Harm on tour

Harm will be headlining the “Thrash ‘Till Death Tour 2012″ and will be playing on selected venues all over Norway in October and November. Check out our Tour-page for when and where, and have a look at the Facebook-page for more information!

Re-releasing “Devil”

After a great success on our previous killer-album “Demonic Alliance”, we decided to re-release our 2006-album “Devil” the way it should be! This means new bonus-material, new insane album-art from Pär Olofsson, and much, much more! The release date has not yet been set, but we will keep you posted.